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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sunday Brunch at the Scone Witch

Ever been to a chain store, got really bad service AND not-so-great food (as if the first part wasn't bad enough), and got amazing service and delicious food at one of their other locations?

It's interesting how small things can make such big differences, but this was actually one of them.

The Scone Witch has two locations in Ottawa: the one located downtown, and the other one on Beechwood.

I went to the downtown location first, unfortunately for me.

Though I'm not going to get into details, I personally thought I would never go back.

And then, I discovered the other store.

... And I fell in love again ♥

First, after ordering your food, you get a number that you bring with you to the table.

We ordered two cafés au lait, not knowing they would be so huge (they were the size of a soup bowl), and the food came pretty fast. 

We chose the brunch menu, which is awesome and lets you choose the type of scone you want (sweet or savoury, including vanilla cream, cranberry-orange, cheddar), the jam (different flavours), a side (smoked salmon, ham, etc,) and comes with fruits, a small salad and the fluffiest, most delicious scrambled eggs I've ever tasted (≧▽≦)☆

I got the herbs and onion scone with a side of mushroom ragu, and everything was delicious!

They forgot the salad dressing at first, and obviously I HAD to tell them because they have this honey-mustard dressing that I love, that I could probably drink out of the bottle itself... So sad.

Instead of the jam, we got Devon Cream.

If you've never tried Devon cream before...


Run to the grocery store right now.

But you know what's better? Clotted cream. The difference is subtle, but you'll notice it.

They're both very thick creams that have a very rich taste to them. Not sure how else to describe it, but I know for sure they're pretty addictive.

... Another cool scone picture

All in all, if you're looking for a nice spot to have a week-end brunch, this is it. 

Just make sure you pick the right location... 

35 Beechwood Avenue, Ottawa


  1. What a nice brunch! I think chain restaurants are all depends on how each one is managed. You can definitely tell how much each store cares by their food, how clean it is, how staffs are trained, etc. This place sounds like a nice place!

  2. Namiさん :)
    It was indeed amazing! I find it rare to find very good scones, but this place always does a great job. Thanks for visiting my blog! (*´∀`*)